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Why us?

The real estate market in Israel has been growing and improving in the last years. The competition exists and everyone benefits- the customers and the realtors. In a competitive environment it is important to choose right. In the next lines we will try to explain what our advantages are and why it will make worth for you working with us.

.Uniqueness- We are the leading real estate agency, which specialize in Moshavim mostly in Mate Yehuda region (Jerusalem area).

.Experience- more than 20 years of experience in the Israeli real estate market. Also we have experience in the construction field.

.Reliability- We compete on the service we give, and for that we have created our excellent reputation as a reliable office, which the "friend bring friend" system is well rooted.

.Service- we see you, the client in the center of our business. Before we start our business road we set in advance the terms of work, and listen to your wishes so we can first understand and only then work. We are concentrating on improving constantly our service.

.Professionalism- SHALIBO REALTY works in the highest standards of real estate.
1. Realtors- our realtors are licensed, educated, experienced, skillful, highly motivated and have a flexible business approach.
2. Tools- big pool of properties in different locations and purposes, our new office is located in Moshav Beit Zait, we work with all marketing channels available in the market.

.Small Family Business- Advantage as a small office, only two realtors, who are the partners and owners of the office, father and son. As a small office we can give you more attention, and understand you better.

.What we give that others don't?
We give an easy and fast process for you to find a property for sell/rent and a professional system in order to sell/rent your property. It is a unique approach of ours, meet us and learn more. Our techniques save you precious time, and eventually improve your real estate understanding.

.Special Business Approach:
1. Professional attitude- we know what needs to be know in real estate, we have access for that knowledge, and we always try to learn more, because it is a dynamic business. We are dedicated for our work, and we love it!
2. No competition- we compete only with ourselves, to give the best service. Although we are aware of our business environment, and we watch it closely in order to learn more.
3. Work individually- we don't cooperate with other agencies, because we think there is no advantage for a client to get service from two different realtor. This is off course under the assumption that the realtor you work with is a good one. The client can work with different realtors in the same time on different properties, but for a specific deal, he needs only one realtor.

If you - search for a property in Israel; want to invest in Israel; want to learn and understand more about the characteristics of real estate in Israel and how does it works- you came to the right place!
SHALIBO REALTY can make your "living in Israel" goal a reality!

Call us today, and have a great day!

For more info please go to the About section.

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