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What is our specialty?

Shalibo Realty specializes in selling and renting special properties in the villages near Jerusalem, especially in "moshavim". Special means unique properties such as: nice villas, estates (""meshek"/"nahala"), big lands, luxury houses and most of all- potential. Actually, Shalibo Realty got its respectable reputation from its activity in "moshavim". Most of the properties we offer are in the private sector and of second hand ownership.

The specialization of ours is based not only on the properties we sell/rent or on a specific location, but also on the attitude, standards of work, goals and techniques, which all together create a policy. It is relevant for the specialization because without a policy you can't reach your vision and without a vision there is no future. Our job is to explore constantly the real estate market from every perspective possible, and we do it with great satisfaction. We know that as more different types of properties we sell/rent in different locations, as much we have knowledge and experience in the market we work, which is an integration of different people, their abilities and opinions. It is important also for our clients, because they can hear from us about different alternatives and how to compare. Nevertheless, the specialization itself is vital because it is, after all, the core business, and without it there is no direction for a business.

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