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How do we work

Office - Shalibo Realty is located in Moshav Beit Zait, one of the 10 leading villages in Israel today. It is a unique office in a great location, with a lovely view. From our office we do presentations for our clients of potential properties, by giving information and photos of real estates we handle. Our office, a place you are invited to, is also a neutral place for both sides of a deal to seat and negotiate. Although our office is our base, most of our work is outside, presenting properties and getting new ones.

Marketing Channels - We use almost all kind of marketing channels available to promote a property for sell/rent and to attract potential clients. Publishing in the local newspaper, outside magazines, property signs, the Internet (SHALIBO.COM, NADLAN.COM, and READINGJEWISH.COM).

Independent - we work in an independent way. We have a large pool of all kinds of properties and we are in contact with clients from Israel and abroad. We usually don't cooperate with other real estate agencies, because we prefer focusing on our abilities and skills. Besides, understanding that the market is a competitive environment, we know that all the channels are open for a client to find what he/she is looking for. It is a free market and it is good for everyone. One broker handling both sides of a deal simultaneously is a big advantage. We have one interest- closing a deal, which both sides are happy with. On one hand we want to get for the seller/landlord what he asks for and on the other hand, we want to get the most attractive deal for the buyer/lessee. In fact, there is no need for more than one realtor for one deal, because there is no conflict of interest for the realtor.

Exclusivity - we use this selling technique for improving the selling process. It makes it easier for both the proprietor and us: we get free space to promote in the best way, the selling/renting of a property, and the proprietor increase his/her chances to get the best price for the property with optimal conditions. Although the odds of selling/renting a property quickly are greater when it's dealt by several realtors, the ones of receiving the requested price are smaller. Besides, it creates a bad reputation for your property, as a bus station. The exclusivity period is usually for 6 months. Exclusivity gives the realtor more incentives and commitment to the task given by the proprietor.

Regular - we use this selling technique for those proprietors who don't want to get into an exclusivity contract, but still want our service. Although it is not recommended for a proprietor to use this technique because of the reasons mentioned earlier, we do it.

An appointment - An early conversation with you is important for us to learn about your needs and abilities and for you to understand with whom you are dealing with. Our next step is to analyze the information and deciding together about the course of action. This process will save you and us precious time. For setting up an appointment you just have to contact us and we will find the most convenient time for you to meet together. You are invited to visit our office, but off course, we can meet wherever you decide.

Commission Contract - Once you have decided you want our service you are obligated to sign a commission contract document, which defines and clarifies the terms of contact between the parties. There is openness from our side for little changes in the contracts' formulation. For your convenience we have placed several contracts for each purpose on the Papers section.

Client-Realtor Relations - Our basic approach in business relies on good and respectable client-realtor relations. Friendship isn't what we ask for, but we insist to have cooperation and fair business relations. That is why, we decide with whom we work. We do everything possible to work efficiently and to make you happy, but because our success is yours too, without your part, the chances decreases. Successful relations are depending on mutual relations. If you don't see that, you probably don't need a realtor.

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