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What we do?

We provide Real estate services in Israel. We work both in the residential & commercial fields, for every purpose: private, business or investment. We offer a large pool of real estate properties of all kinds: villas, estates (meshek/nahala), plots (lands), apartments, buildings, detached and semi detached houses, offices, stores, warehouses, cottages, penthouses, projects and more.

Among the services we provide:

Selling - we provide a property selling service for owners who want to sell their property. Selling a property is not an every day action people do, and it demands knowledge, abilities, experience and professional attitude. Selling a property involves people and feelings. There are many reasons for selling a property, and there are much more factors to take into consideration, in order to make it a good step, and furthermore, a right step. Our attitude is that we see people first, and then we see their properties. We are committed to do all reasonable actions that it takes to sell your property, and although we can't assure you that we will succeed in that, we are confident enough to tell you whether we believe the deal can be done.

Buying - we provide a property buying service for clients who search for a potential property to purchase. For many people, the action of buying a property is sometimes a one in a life time action. Anyway, it is an important step, and one must give his full attention for it. We want to make it easier for you, by providing our skillful tools and our professionalism so you will save time, find a better use for your money, and eventually upgrade your life. Because we handle a variety of different kind of properties in different locations, we can give you a good idea about your alternatives.

Renting - we provide a renting service for both owners to rent their property, and for clients who search for a property to rent. Because we are dealing with people and not with properties, renting a property is sometimes as complicated as selling it. We are there to make this process as easy as possible.

Valuing - we provide a property valuing service for property owners. We also do it for clients who need a good advice regarding a property they are interested in and saw it by themselves or even with a third party. Although we are not appraisers in our profession, we have all the professional abilities and skills in order to give an objective property valuation. The valuation is an important step before selling/buying a property and it is highly recommended to get this service from professionals. We integrate valuing with consulting.

Consulting - we provide a Consulting service which is to understands better all kinds of clients about their needs and abilities as a first step. Although what we do is real estate transactions, we believe that our main duty is to make our clients satisfied with their action taken. We are here in order to help you reach your goal, whether it is clear or ambiguous, under the circumstances of your condition and the market. Our Consulting is in many fields: taxation, judicial, mortgage, construction, design and more.

Accompany & Managing - we give a full process accompany & managing service for our clients. Depending on the people, the deal and the property involved, we give full service of sell/buy/rent a property. Except of presenting a property and finding the right client to buy/rent it, we do the negotiation, and we are there until the signing of the agreement, and sometimes even after, to solve problems and to pass all the obstacles that might arise. Off course, we suit ourselves to each individual situation, and are flexible for both sides' will.

Free real estate tools - in our website potential clients can find important, real estate information, tax calculator for those who search a property to buy/rent, relevant links, sample of contracts, and more.

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