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Why do you need a realtor?

It is not necessary to have a realtor, it is recommended. Off course, our basic assumption is that a realtor is a good one. We can do many things in our life without using the services of professionals in different fields, but we do use those services when we want to save time, money and to get professional counsel, information and help in order to decide better. As long as our decision involves a crucial issue in our life, as more we are potentially willing to get a service done, and to pay for it. The job of a realtor, by the Israeli law, is to be an efficient factor in the process of a real estate deal. The realtor needs to help the client to succeed in his goal, to buy, sell or rent a property. Practically, the realtor job is to present a property, give its credible information, answer clients' questions in different fields mentioned before, give professional advices, managing a negotiation and closing the deal with a mutual consent. The most important job of a realtor is to understand your needs and abilities. Although today the tools variety available for a client in the real estate world are much more wide and deep, the importance of the realtor increases, because clients demands more and as a result the responsibility and the importance of the realtor increases too. A realtor has many things to offer: knowledge, professional attitude and abilities, pool of properties, potential clients, professional tools, advertising channels, alternatives and opportunities. Besides, it is important to have a realtor so there will be a mediator between both parties of the negotiation. It is known that when you hire a realtor you pay more money, but it is not necessarily true, because first of all your time and efforts cost money too, and second you can buy, sell or rent a property in the most profitable price for you, including the realtors' fee. A good realtor will help you save money.
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