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Important Parameters

There are several parameters people usually take into consideration, which are divided into 4 groups: the property, money, people and environment.

The Property: the most obvious and common parameters people consider

Size- how big is the house and the land

Division- how the property is divided, number of bedrooms, baths

Actual Condition- does it needs renovation

Quality- The standards of construction and building, outside and inside

Style- interior and exterior design, is it fancy or country style

Accessibility- how many stairs until the apartment, is there an elevator

Location- is it in a great location near the center of town but still quiet, not far from an important high way, a place with potential and demand

Positioning- the position of the house in proportion to the street, is it in the corner, front, side or back

View- is there an open view, what do you see trees or buildings

Building Rights- is there potential building rights

Money: the most common problematic parameters

Budget- how much money the person has for the property he wants or how much he is willing to invest in the property

Investment- what is the return per year for the money invested, what the alternatives for this investment are and what the potential risks are

Market Value- what is the market value of the property, we want the best property in minimum cost, in the worst case we don't want to pay more than the real price, who determine the market price

People: parameters related to peoples' influence on our decision

Neighborhood- what kind of neighborhood is it, who are the people living there, is there crime, the location of the neighborhood

Family- closeness to relatives, what the family has to say about our decision

Friends- closeness to friends and their advices

Environment: parameters related to the environment influence on our life

Education- what kind of education the place offer, what are the options

Career- how does the new place affects the career, the distance, probability to find a new job, what is the demand and supply for your profession there

Environmental Hazards- noise from the road, antenna, satellite, electricity spot, factory or industrial area, construction site

Standard of Living- living in a quite place with privacy, closeness to a big city, good neighbors, a nice place to live and relax, options for the future

Services- what kind of services exist in the area, activities for children

Distance from City- how far is the place from the center of the city or from any important place you need to get frequently

All of those parameters are important and it is not a closed list, but it varies between different people. It is difficult to decide what the most important parameters are and as a result there are compromises in order to reach the final decision. Everyone, whether he/she is a determined person or not, knows the best what he/she needs, wants and can afford.

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