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Importance of choosing the right real estate property

When we take a decision in our life, we want it always to be the best. In our private life, exactly like in business life, we want maximum profit and minimum cost. We live in an advancing world, a global village and a competitive environment in its positive perspective. All of this increases our awareness for the decisions we make. When we decide to buy, sell or rent a property we think about the deal in two levels. On the micro level we look at the details of the deal itself- we analyze the property and the price, which is usually a result of demand and supply of the market. On the macro level we think about, at least that is what we suppose to do, the consequences of our decision. We get information from different sources and people, some of it is relevant and some isn't, some of it is right and some is wrong, but the decision is solely ours. The right property isn't always the perfect one, it is a property which suite for most of our needs, abilities and priorities. It is very important to choose the right property, because the consequences are significant and even crucial on our life.

Why do we change properties?
There are many reasons possible. The family grew and we need more space, we have a new job in a different city, we prefer to live in the country after years in the center of the activities or on the contrary, family member moved out to a far place and we want to stay close, a decision to do an "Alyia" to Israel or to go for a successful career abroad, education for our children, closeness to the sea, health problems and disabilities, financial problems, a need to change the atmosphere and the list is far from its end. No matter the reason for the change we do and whether we have a choice or not, it is mostly related to our personality and our decision making process in the past, present and future.

So what are the most important things we have to analyze when we decide to take an action?
There is no trivial answer for that and the list is big. But before the list there are some constraints we have to take into consideration. Real estate is about needs, abilities and priorities. We have dreams for a perfect property, we know specifically what we want, but that isn't enough, because there is a difference between what we want and what we can get and afford. Money isn't always the solution, because there are other constraints, which are time, family or partners consent and low supply of properties. Sometimes you can't find the property you want because the supply is very low also in case you are willing to pay more than the market price. The case with money is that, usually, when we don't have enough for what we want this is our biggest problem and when we have enough our biggest problem is to find the property itself. Whether we have enough money for what we want or not, we can always find something close to our goal, but most of the time it won't be just perfect. It's called tradeoff, and it is the rule of the game called real estate. The moment we got to equilibrium between our needs and abilities we are ready to list our priorities, and to take action.

What is our budget?
It is a matter of perspective, we have priorities and our budget can be divided differently. The budget is an unclear term, when there is no definition set in advance. Meaning, first of all you must think what you need, then see whether you have the money and finally decide how you can raise the money for this purpose. Mortgage or any other type of loan is a tool for you in order to achieve a goal. It is true that we don't want to be enslaved to our property, but without any risk our chances to improve our life decreases. An important calculation people must do when considering a possibility is the other expenses added to the deal and the yearly current expenses. Anyway, a calculated risk is your opportunity.

Buy, sell or Rent?
There is no simple answer for that question- it depends on the market, the property and mostly, your character. Financially, it is more economic to rent, but it depends on the purchase price, the rentals, and the other expenses around. The problem with renting is that you don't have security for the future. It isn't your place so you can't do changes without permission of your landlord and there are other obstacles. The financial test is to check what is the monthly rental payment, the mortgage payment or any other investment alternative and to do the comparison. You have to calculate where you pay more including all the other expenses, what do you get for it, in the short and long run and decide how you prefer to live your life. Buy, sell or rent is also a matter of situation in life, and each case should be tested regarding the matter itself.

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