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Importance of Real Estate

Real estate has a big and important impact on our life in any aspect we can imagine and the reason is the connection of this business field to other business fields and to different fields in general. Real estate is the center of our life, whether we have interest in it or not and whether we believe in buy, sell or rent a property. The reason for that is based on one of our most basic needs, which is home and security. Everyone wants to have his own place and it is true also for people who prefer to rent. Beyond this, when we choose where to live we directly and indirectly choose how we live because of many factors we will mention later. We always have an alternative for our money, but we have priorities, which determine our final decision. Real estate, whether treated as private or business issue, is an investment. Everyone wants to get the maximum possible for his money. The investment isn't related only for the yearly yield, the net profit or the market value of the property, it is also a matter of added value we create. It is just like investing in our children.

Below a real estate related fields chart:
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